JetBlue Compensation Plan

I wonder if JetBlue realizes that their compensation plan had been public for close to 14 hours before they posted their version.

Anyways, here’s the low-down:

If you had 1 cancellation, you get 5,000 TrueBlue points (or $50 flight voucher). Two cancellations: 10K TrueBlue points. Three cancellations is 20K TrueBlue points + a one-way trip voucher. Four cancellations is 20K TrueBlue points + a round-trip ticket voucher.


This isn’t different than what I posted (they added another tier for 3+ cancellations, and they seemed to have removed any language about whether you were already refunded or not. So good job, there. Another promising thing is the language in this blog post is very proactive: JetBlue will reach out to you, and JetBlue will credit by January 20th, and JetBlue will reach out through third party OTA.

Even more encouraging is thatĀ if you submit receipts, they will cover your expenses. This is, obviously, on a case-by-case basis, but it seems people at JetBlue are finally starting to listen.

So I will give credit where credit is due. Good job on this, JetBlue.

Now get everybody home and write anĀ honest postmortem about what happened, because so far people keep refuting them.

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